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It’s time to meet our team

We have a great team working on the Business Mountain, who have over 25 years experience in products supply and customer service EACH !!

we are the best
  • Experienced Team
  • 25 -30 years under our belts EACH !!
  • Retail experience across the Globe
  • Warehousing/Logistics/Transportation
  • Purchasing/Supply/Delivery
  • We know it !!
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Efficient And Reliable Team for across the Globe

Over the years we have found our incredible foundations for manufacturing, logistics, despatch, warehousing and much much more. Once the books are published and launched you will find the links to these secret business mountain books for Start-ups/Entrepreneurs & New Businesses / Business Dreams

Professional Expertise

We are a team who have been already working together for over

25 years

We are focused

All this knowledge we are going to share with you. Wherever you are on your own Business Mountain. Start-ups Founders Owners Entrepreneurs for small to medium sized businesses. We will do our best to assist you on up to your sumit success !!

our story

Our Story & Secret Of Success

It was back in 1998 that Virginia started up her first Limited Company SnugglesTime. It was a steep learning curve with the knowledge of business that had been in Virginia’s family right back before Her Majesty Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Where her family came down from York in Yorkshire in the UK and exhibited a washbasin with turned legs as they were a family of turners. Virginia went on to exhibit her own products at Exhibitions across the Globe with orders coming from over 50 territories. All of this knowledge of Virginia’s was appreciated by ‘The British Inventors Society’ of which she has been a Director for over 25 years and by Kingston University Innovation Centre with the late Professor David Nicolas of Southampton University . Assisting other Inventors and Entrepreneurs for free all of this time and with every single one of them asking …

“Where are your BOOKS ?”

January 2020
  • when Virginia started writing

In January 2020 Virginia realised that here was her chance to write all these business books for all of you. It was something that was nigh on impossible for a Founder of a business to do. To stop and write books when you are flying high. But Cvd changed all that and so whilst Virginia went to try to aleviate the devestation of the nasty bug she also took the oportunity to start up the Business Mountain for all of us.

October 2021
  • the Business Mountain – Started

Virginia has worked tirelessly on these books for all of us over the last 4 years. To her absolute amazement, some of the draft copy readers went straight off and are now running their own businesses. When they said they would never have been able to without her book.

  • Virginia’s Book 1 – E-book & Hardcover
  • Now available on Amazon


Click here to go through to Book 1…


Click here to go through to Book 1 …


The Business Mountain

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