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We Focus on yourselves to help you get answers to your founding questions

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These questions here will be business related to help you advance your own businesses and to guide you through to your own business success’s.

There are always business sharks as we call them circulating around you. They will do their best to con you or divest you of your money or your wealth or a plethora of other terrible tricks they get up to all day every day.

We will put in here as many of the warnings and business questions that arise in our Business Mountain Community …

The GOTO for Owners and Founders.

As you go forward with your businesses with persistence and determination your climb, we can assure you will be absolutely exhilarating.

There will be times when you feel like you have absolutely loads of questions.

We will endeavour to put as many of the typical questions and answers you are likely to come across in here. Otherwise the majority of the guidance for start-ups small and medium sized businesses will be inside the Business Mountain books in paperback, hardcover, audio and e-book versions. These books will attempt to make strides to keep you motivated and at the top of your game.

Your businesses will go on up your business mountains at the pace that they are meant to. Virginia has the fast-track lift pass to help you get to your business mountain summit

This is an interesting one. A larger scale business I know of is only just breaking into Asia and Australasia after 60 years of trading. So the pace of this goes at it’s own pace. What you need to be doing is keeping the general trend upwards. And just like the game of snakes and ladders that many of us played as children sometimes we may slip backwards down the mountain unintentionally of course. Here we need to train ourselves to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and pheonix ourselves back on up our own business mountain. This I can appreciate won’t in the main be easy and some of our friends colleagues associates and allies and our advocates will rally around us to help us get back up again and keep going.

“Has it still got legs Gin ?” “Yes it has” “Well keep going then”

And with this I went on to sell my products into four of the largest Retailers in the World … Keep going if it is right to do so !!

Yes you will be able to see other peoples mountains beside you where friends or people known to you are already half way up their mountain, maybe even millionaires already. Seemingly successful funded, making profits. They are not on your mountain so just don’t look. Put your blinkers on like the race horses do. Run your own race.



1) I can’t decide what type of business I want to start-up but I know that I want to run my own business and work for myself. How do I decide what type of Business to run?

Ok lets get you to play to your strengths. What is it you like? Have a good think here. What is it you are interested in? Lets say here you like for instance ‘Long Dresses’ or maybe DIY tools … what is it that you would be happy to sell ? Running a business is all about selling something. Be it a Service or a product or a range of products it all about selling (And it’s not all about having a business card only) and making profits or working towards making profits. Once you can establish what it is you like and would also like to sell, it then that you can work towards finding a way of selling a product or service in that industry.

Now it’s no good thinking that you could try selling Cornish Pasties if you cannot stand them yourself. You have to like or Love what you are going to be selling.

2) Once I have decided which Industry and which product(s) or service that I want to be selling in. What are my next steps ?


I cannot emphasis this enough ! you need to do as much research as you possibly can about your product or service before you launch your business. Research can be achieved in many different ways.

Many of our Industries around the World have ‘Trade Associations’ and they will mostly have a presence on-line that you can tap into and ‘Read’ up on the information that they provide. You will also be able to contact them directly.

In the UK we have ‘The Chambers of Commerce’ who are a great source of information and networking for start-up and new and existing small to medium sized businesses.

Find out if there is a local business advisory service to you your accountant may know of one or you can search up online for them. Sometimes you can also go to neighboring advisors too in towns near to you as well as your local ones.

You can organise your own ‘Market Research’ too pre-launch. Which is a great way to get at the sales forecast numbers. You will find the way to create and compile your own ‘Market Research’ in the books as it is a tad too complicated to put here.

There will be many different business names that come to you. So go get yourself an A4 piece of paper and write them all down in a list that starts with maybe 20 variations.

Go somewhere where you will have peace & are unlikely to get disturbed. Think over each name carefully. The business name you choose is actually crutial as it needs to convey, align and be associated with the product or service that you are going to be offering. So for instance it’s not advisable to have a business name which is associated with dogs when you are about to open a fish and chip shop … you get my drift …

Then once you have had a good mull over each name that you have already written down ask your close associates firstly to fill out a Non-Disclosure document (You will find a Non-Disclosure Template in ‘The Business Mountain’ Documentation folder on our home page or create your own and have a legal eye run over it for you)

Then see what people think of your suggestions for your business name and maybe let them suggest some names for you too. Once you have decided on a name or a few suitable names run them through your Nation’s Companies House business name checker and the Trades Mark Registry checker too you will find these online for your Country. This will tell you if your name idea is already in use. If it is you cannot use it but then you can produce a variation of your name using a hyphen or change it some other way or use a different name from your list. Remember even Rolls-Royce Military Aerospace has a hyphen so it is ok for you to have one too if you have to.

In the U.K. you can use your ‘Surname & Sons’ regardless of whether someone else is already using this name or a variation of this and this stands in most Countries.

Maybe ask your local business advisors just to check for your Country.



What are your talents ?

What are you good at ?

What do you have very good experience of ?

What are your Strengths ?

What can you do ?

What can’t you do ?

What can you imagine yourself doing ?

Go answer all these for yourself and then see how much nearer you are to finding/deciding on what type of business you want to run and also are capable of running.


Decide on the type of business you want to run

Decide where you want this business to be based

Decide how you are going to operate this business

Decide how you are going to fund this business

Look to see how other similar businesses are run maybe much further away to the one you plan to run your business from. 

Plan meticulously.

Create you Business Plan document

Create your Marketing Plan document