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Book 1 Is your initial helping hand for when you want to be or already are an ‘Owner’ of a business

Book 2 Is your ‘Business Planning’ guidance

Book 3 Is all about the ‘Finances’ of your business

Book 4 Is all about the ‘Foundations of Marketing’ for your business

The books are due to be officially launched in the coming weeks. Author copies have been obtained by us for checking over and to get a feel for how the books are so they are in draft copy versions.

Book 1 will be available in paperback,hardback & E-book versions initially

Book 2 will be available in paperback, hardback & E-book versions initially

Book 3 will be available in paperback, hardback & E-book versions initally

Book 4 will be available in paperback. hardback & E-book versions initially 

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